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[职业培训] 拿到面试却不知如何准备?ITLabPro免费get面经合集

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课程名称: ITLabpro
适学年龄: 成人 
上课时段: 随到随学
上课地址: online
报名联系人: ITLabpro
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因此ITLabPro特意为同学们整理了一份大厂vo面经指南。帮助更多已经拿到面试的同学充分准备,一击必中的拿下面试,顺利收获offer。那么今天我们要分享的就是北美著名咨询公司capital one的面试经验!

上一个月,我们有两个学员成功拿到了c1的面试,因此ITLabPro也是即使拿到了他们家最新真题,方便大家复习准备。由于篇幅的问题,在这里我们只把general interview process分享给大家,剩下的cv和tech部分,可以联系itlabpro1哦~

How to prepare for a case interview

Now that you what to expect for your case interview, here are four tips to help you prepare:

1. There isn’t one right answer
Your case will involve a bunch of variables—and if you’re thinking broadly—there is
naturally going to be more than one final answer. Your answer should take the form of a recommendation about what steps the business
owner should take and why. You’ll use the evidence and information from your thought process to back up your
recommendation, so make sure to capture your process in an organized way.

2. Share your thinking and reasoning
Your interviewer is ultimately looking to see how you work through a problem, get to your solution and arrive at a final recommendation, so they’re just as interested in how you get to your final answer. Talk to them about your thinking, and be prepared to defend your answer with data.

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